What about millions wasted by the churches?

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Dear Editor,

Interesting editorial Mr. Editor. Especially the part that reads: 

“What about the millions of hard-earned taxpayers’ money being wasted on expensive trips to all corners of the world by the leaders of this country? Imagine how many more schools we can build with such money.”

Most certainly. 

Perhaps, dear Editor, you should have added something along the lines of “what about the millions of hard cash being wasted on building luxurious temples instead of building better school facilities and providing the poorest students with what they need to advance their education and help develop their country?”

Why is it that it is only considered waste if it is done by the Government, when it is bleeding obvious that Samoa has far too many spick-and-span churches in the villages while the local schools are falling into shocking disrepair and teachers are still using chalk as if it were the 19th century? 

Isn’t the construction of majestic temples a waste when there are far more urgent needs to be met? Or don’t Samoans deserve better?



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