What I liked about church

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Re: Desperate parents resort to borrow 

Interesting. There is so much history involved in all this. 

The other fellow who writes on here Mustafa from Turkey is also so interesting to read because of his knowledge of history re Islam and Christianity. All so fascinating but hardly divine.

About the only two things I still liked about the Catholic Church when I left were that Mary is depicted standing on a moon as she was the moon goddess and that the Holy Spirit is feminine, as in wisdom or Sophia. 

What I really hate though is how patriarchs made Mary a virgin so they could ensure they were passing their property on to their actual offspring. 

If women had to try to live up to Mary the virgin then they felt reassured. 

I like Mary the woman not Mary the virgin. 

Holy Mary mother of god pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.


Wendy Wonder 

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