Life is a beach

By Aruna Lolani ,

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IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BEACHES IN SAMOA: Roze Leclerc and Emily Chichalon from France.

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BEACHES IN SAMOA: Roze Leclerc and Emily Chichalon from France. (Photo: Aruna Lolani)

Life is a beach for Roze Leclerc, 27, and Emily Chichalon, 25, all the way from Southern France.

Roze and Emily were touring the Cultural Village when Samoa Observer approached them for an interview.

The two women are friends who came to Samoa for the very first time “to explore its amazing beaches” they said.

“We just finished exploring the beach on Beach Road and that is basically why we came here to Samoa because beaches are one of the many things that we love,” Roze said.

“Although there are not that many tourists around the place, we think it’s a beautiful place.

“We spent one year in New Zealand and to us, there’s a lot of difference between the beaches in New Zealand and those in Samoa.”

To date, the two friends have been to Lalomanu Beach, stayed at Vaiula Beach Fales and are looking forward to visiting more beaches before they go back.

“The beaches here are great and we absolutely love them. I mean, even if we’ve been to only two beaches so far, we have loved them both.

“And not forgetting the tropical weather that comes with it, we just love it because where ever else we have been, there has only been cold weather.

Emily added, “But I think our favorite part of Samoa so far, is our time we spent at Vaiula Beach Fales at Tafatafa; that’s our favorite beach, so far.”

“It’s different for us because whenever we go there, we are always alone on the beach and the sea is very blue.

“Lalomanu Beach is also very beautiful but there were too many people there and we don’t really like crowded places.

“We have spent one week in Samoa and we are looking forward to making the most of our last week left.”

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