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Faamuamua Daisy Tauaanae

Judging by appearances

Too ugly to be loved

Judging by attitudes

Too rude to be accepted

Judging by brains

Too dumb to be taught


Judging by nationality,

Too nigger-looking to be around

Judging by status

Too fiapalagi to be acknowledged

Judging without reason

Blessed are those who can’t keep up with your level!


For so long,

You’ve been quiet

Neither a sound nor a word to protest

Fighting for your own rights

Yet being mistaken

For a smart-mouth!


Dare to voice-out your thoughts,

Rebound! Be on top of things!

Dare to over-step the patience line,

Just keep an ambulance on dial!

Dare to cross many paths,

Never regret standing up for yourself!


Funny how people talk,

As if they own the world!

Funny how people judge

As if they’ve known better!

Funny how people treat you like trash

As if they’re so perfect!


Not a day goes by,

Without rumors swirling around

Excuses to bypass them

Should you proceed?

Or should you wait for Karma?

Even so, are they worth your time?

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