Vaie’e Village reconciles

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Tuia Pu'a Letoa

Tuia Pu'a Letoa

Morning showers of blessings awakened the village of Vaie’e Safata to reconciliation after five years of separation. 

Tuia Aufonolua Siaosi, of Togamau, called a meeting of the aiga Sa Te'o to come together in a spirit of peace. 

Tuia Pu'a Letoa supported the reconciliation and the meeting was attended by the aiga Sa Te'o Lomialagi of Lealofisa and Lemuta. 

In light of the refusal of the "pulenu’u" to reconcile, Tuia Aufonolua stated: "We have not closed the door on anyone." 

“We fervently hope that everyone will realise, we must be united for the betterment of all. There are many developments required in the village and we must move forward towards our goal, learning from our mistakes and releasing our differences."

Te'o Lomialagi Luka and Te'o Lomialagi Faitele spoke on behalf of the Te'o family members. 

Tuia called a meeting of the aiga Sa Te'o Lomialagai to come together in a spirit of peace.
Tuia called a meeting of the aiga Sa Te'o Lomialagai to come together in a spirit of peace.

Te'o Luka pointed to the fact that reconciliation and forgiveness is of God and this was supported by Te'o Faitele.

"This is a joyous occasion for the future of our youth, who are witnesses to our leadership," he said. 

 The two holders of the Tuia i Togamau title and the Aiga Sa Te'o Lomialagi comprise the governance of Vaie'e village. 

Orators from Safata and Siumu districts witnessed the occasion and were presented with the usual traditional gifts.

"Today we have witnessed God's blessings on Vaie'e as the Bible states: Blessed are the peacemakers! Today is a small step in the right direction and together we will make great strides," said Tuia Pu'a Letoa.

A planning sub committee chaired by Te'o Lomialagi Faitele has been appointed to arrange a Thanksgiving Service for December 2017, allowing the sons and daughters of the village to unite with their families in a 3 day event of fiafia, sport and a Sunday Thanksgiving service.

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