It’s ridiculously low

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Re: Minimum wage 

Think about it this way. 3 tala per hour is roughly 1.5 dollars per hr from where you are from, 8 tala per hour is roughly 4 dollars per hour where you are from. Even if you didn’t have housing costs where you are from and could grow a lot of your own food would you be able to survive on 4 dollars an hour to buy food, gas, clothes, electricity etc? 

The basic cost of goods is the same in Samoa for all these things as well as building supplies as it is where you are from. 

So 3 tala per hour is ridiculous and 8 is just barely enough no matter where you live in Samoa. The upside for you would be that more people could afford to buy your scooters if they were making 8 tala per hour so a higher min wage may benefit you in the deal as well.



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