Why Pastors should pay tax

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Re: Pastors and taxes

We need our faifeaus to pay their taxes so that they can contribute to the upkeep of modern infrastructures in Samoa.

Taxes for the Romans were necessary to avoid persecutions, Temple taxes were necessary to enable the priests and Levites to perform their duties and maintain this magnificent building.

Falesa is not a Jewish Temple so faifeaus don’t do a lot of work like temple priests and therefore by accepting donations in the form of “alofa” contradicts the meaning of alofa (LOVE) as well.

“Love thy neighbor” has nothing to do with giving excessive exorbitant amount of money to faifeaus, it’s about feeding the poor, looking after each other, addressing injustices etc.

We need to redefine modern laws so that faifeau and church in Samoa should not hide under the guise of “charity” anymore and made to contribute fairly to the economy like common citizens of the country.


Le Mafa P.

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