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Dear Editor

Re: Agriculture Policy Bank holds lots of promise

Any genetically engineered food is not good for the body. Whole foods were only meant for our bodies to absorb natural nutrients and anything foreign will reject it or causes us to get sick. What the heck are they doing all these hidden agenda policies for?

I don’t get it. You might argue that it will produce better yield but on the flip side of it, I am a very suspicious person when it comes to anything that have to do with Climate Change initiatives. They’ve already wanted to reduce the world population by 500 million people, according to their charter.

What are they putting in these experiments that can be harmful to us Samoans? I would ask a lot more questions on these Policies other than just accepting it as gold. The level of deceptions in the world today by the controlling Elites is surmountable.

I have open my eyes to the reality of the world that we live in as “Nothing in this world works the way we think it does.” We’ve been lied to by every institutions there are and the world just went along with it to get along; but for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will see it with clarity because their level of consciousness is elevated to the point that they can call on things as they appear to be.

If you look around, there are a lot more sick people walking around. I’m not an alarmist but an advocate of truth and sincerity to deliver well researched analysis that warrants a second take on things that appear normal, but are not.

I would say this with absolution that if Hilary Clinton wins the White House, the world that we are seeing now will drastically accelerate the changes that will suit the elites agenda. The Policies in Washington will affect the whole world and with a war mongering that she is, we can rest assure that the world that we live in, is not a safe place under her leadership.



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