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Re: Palemia’s memoir launched in Auckland 

The Palemia the Memoir is interesting.

Boasting of stability yet a complete failure to acknowledge poor record of account keeping and government spending. 

In Samoa today, there is poor water supply, poor electricity supply, weak infrastructure, poor education and health. 

Yet the government is borrowing constantly and auditing is non-existent.

Supposedly NZ and Australia are friends to Samoa yet no mention of corruption in Australia and NZ media about the failing of the H.R.P.P to produce audits for 16 years. 

The public have been denied the truth. 

NZ and Australian lawyers have written laws to enslave the Aiga of Samoa.

This is why the answer lies in our traditional systems to stop the people who are selling out our people to foreigners because foreigners and foreign institutions want Samoa’s customary land for themselves.


Maua Faleauto

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