Finau the family man

By Fetalai Tuilulu’u ,

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A RESPONSIBLE PARENT: Finau Finau of Vaivase.

A RESPONSIBLE PARENT: Finau Finau of Vaivase. (Photo: Fetalai Tuiluluu)

Finau Finau, 39, of Vaivase puts his family first.

That’s what he does every day. 

His first choice is to meet his family’s needs. 

His needs become second fiddle to that of his family.

 “I do understand that life is tough but for me as long as my family is happy, I’m happy,” he said.

 “I know my role. I’m supposed to provide for my family and that’s what I do.”

Finau said money talks and that’s the problem.

“You know those days we could afford the cost of living but now it is very hard to keep up because everything is expensive,” he said.

“Without money, life is extremely hard.

 “For your information spending $100 a day is nothing because we all experience the cost of living has become too expensive and the things we deal with all involve money.   

“So we always have to have money.”

His children, he said, motivate him to work hard.

 “As you can see I always go drop and pick up my children from school and it is something I will never get tired of because it’s what parents must do. 

“Being a father is like a researcher. You have to be able to look for opportunities to build up the kids.”

He also told the Village Voice that this world is a sick place. 

Parents need to be guardians of their children.

“This is a lot to think about for any dad and no one will fulfill each one of these perfectly, all the time . . . certainly, I don’t. 

“But, when we reflect on these things, we keep our head in the game and stay focused on what matters, making our children our priority.

“God entrusted them into our care.”

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