Challenge to Orlando Huaman

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Re: Is Samoa a Christian nation?

Who is this Orlando Huaman who writes about things that he doesn’t understand? 

First off a Christian nation is a country that more that 50% believe in Jesus Christ, in which Samoa is. 

The depth of what people believe is not a factor. (I didn’t bother to read the whole article but I wanted him to point out that he alleges that there are 144 contradictions in the Bible.  

Let me say this: contradictions are what one has not figured out the understanding. He is certainly NOT an authority to say what is and what isn’t. 

I will challenge him to post the alleged contradictions and we will show him that he doesn’t understand the Bible because there are NO CONTRADICTIONS, no not one. 

We will answer one or two or three of these false allegations, (because I know from experience that it would be lengthy) to prove that the reason why he thinks there are contradictions is because he doesn’t understand the Bible. 

That is my angle, the rest I will not address. So please give me these so so called contradictions, so we can work on it to prove that he is wrong. 

F. Tuiasospo.

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