Tighter release controls at Tafaigata

By Pai Mulitalo Ale ,

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The Samoa Prison and Correctional Services (S.P.C.S) released more than 20 prisoners over the weekend during the Mothers’ Day celebration.  Most of those released were male prisoners with only two females given the chance to spend the day with their families. 

According to Tafaigata spokesperson, Sagaga Galu Frost, the decision made was for the safety of the country.  “There are many re-offending, many problems have arisen during public holidays,” said Sagaga.  He said during Easter celebration an incident occurred in Savaii where a prisoner set a car on fire. 

And another recent incident occurred when one of the more notorious prisoners escaped from prison and assaulted a business man at his residence.  Sagaga said all these allegations and all the incidents have been taken into consideration and the decision was made from there. 

A directive (a FK2009) states rules and regulations of those who should be given the opportunity to go on weekend parole. 

“That is now being enforced,” added Sagaga. 

In response to why the imprisoned mothers did not get the chance to spend Mothers’ Day with their families, Sagaga said no one is above the law and the decision had been already made. 

He said the women complained about the decision, but there was nothing they could do. 

“Although it was a tough decision to make, everything went well with our Mothers’ Day weekend releases,” said Sagaga. 

All the prisoners who were released for the weekend were asked to return on Monday and all of them came back.

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