‘Stop it’: the world’s most effective disciplinary tool

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Tua Falepau

(in loving memory of grandma for 2016 Mothers’ Day)

When I was little,

My grandmother used to say


All the time, she said



To screaming children,

fighting adolescents,

arguing adults, and

even grown village men and women,

matais and even the church pastor,

And, stop they did. 



Relatives keep hurting one another,

with fathers leading the slaughter,

killing the mothers, 

and raping the daughters.

Our children don’t go to school 

but roam the streets

looking for business, in trade

and violence alike.

Families keep war-ring, in

non-stop court cases.

Church goers and pastors,

Government and the public machinery… 

mostly promote self-interest,

and deny the real needy…..


I’m thinking….

Grandma, you should be here,

to tell all these people 

to stop it. 

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