The Head of State and Samoa

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Dear Editor,


Re: Head of State or Governor General?

This is exactly what this P.M wanted when him and his H.R.P.P. passed a ridiculous bill to have the government appoint the new Head of State every five years.

He is hoping he or his family member will be in line for the so-called Head of State or as Olo wants to call it the Governor General.

First of all, what the heck is a Governor General? 

It sounds like he is pushing this term until he can change the term or the role of Head Of State to Dictator.

Since the late Malietoa Tanumafili II left us, Tuilaepa has created every process to make him the supreme ruler of this nation.

Or perhaps setting up one of his children to reign as a Dictator of our nation.

There are three family/names that must work together to select a Head of State every five years as stated in our Constitution. 

No reason for the government to pass a bill to select and approved the appointment. This man must be stopped soon before he ruins our peaceful Island Nation.


T. Leone

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