Great debate for Samoa

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Dear Editor,

Re: P.M. attacks Samoa Observer editorials as “revisionist ... shameless, one-sided ...”

I think the editorials are a wonderful look back on history. The Samoa Observer has been the opposition since it opened. 

I’m sure you recall it was burnt to the ground a while back. 

Editorials and H.R.P.P winning the elections are two very different beasts, in my humble opinion. 

But, if the media does not bring these issues to the general public (readers) as a subject of interest, discussion, or just plain propaganda, then democracy is as good as dead. Hi Bani? (look at Fiji). 

I think our people (Samoans) are smart enough to be resolute, and strong enough to take things with a grain of salt. Or, else we could dive right back to the 90’s which was a very interesting time from my observations as a teen growing up in Samoa. 

This is an excellent piece and an equally great reply by the P.M. Thanks Gatoloaitele Savea Sano, for initiating it. Cheers.

Red Jens

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