Young father offers artistic skills in search for employment

By Aruna Lolani and Seia Soloi ,

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AN ARTIST LOOKING FOR WORK: Fiti Elame of Sale’imoa.

AN ARTIST LOOKING FOR WORK: Fiti Elame of Sale’imoa.

A young father is looking to use his artistic skills to secure a job so he can look after his wife and children.

Twenty-four-year-old Fiti Elame from the village of Sale’imoa has just moved his young family to a new land and new home and now he is searching for a job.

Besides being a family man and a farmer, Fiti said he is an artist who used to work for companies, which made good us of his drawing skills.

 “This is one of the things I’m proud of myself for, being an artist,” he said.

“Hopefully one day my skills can be used by someone who could give me a job.

“I want to work so I can earn money for my children’s school fees, pay for the electricity bills and contributions to the village and church. 

“It’s only fair I do this because it’s my duty as a father. We need money because nothing comes free anymore.

“A job would help me in my situation especially my family.”

In the meantime, Fiti’s family relies on what they make from the land.

“We are struggling to develop our family and it’s too much on us considering the fact that we don’t have anyone with a formal job,” he said.

“My family depends on the plantation of crops and vegetables. 

 “My wife is the one responsible for planting different vegetables such as cucumbers, pumpkins and other vegetables.

“We do this because we need money in raising our two kids and developing our family.”

Fiti admitted that life is hard but they try their best.

“The truth these days is that you have to survive on what you already have because if it’s not that, most likely you become one of those people that rely on others to feed you when you shouldn’t,” he said.

Fiti said that it hasn’t been long since they moved to where they are now.

“This land used to be just a bush and when we moved here, we cleaned it up to make it look like it is now.

 “My children are both in school and they are one of the reasons why I need a job so I can pay their school fees.”

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