Water help needed at Saleaumua

By Joyetter Luamanu ,

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WATER PROBLEMS: Father of 10, Taipeau Leota of Saleaumua is happy to be featured on the Village Voice.

WATER PROBLEMS: Father of 10, Taipeau Leota of Saleaumua is happy to be featured on the Village Voice.

Taipeau Leota of Saleaumua needs help with his water supply. 

That’s what the father of 10 told the Village Voice team.

“After the tsunami, we moved inland and from then on, we have not had any stable water supply,” he said.

The 49-year-old said they moved when he and his wife had only five children. 

“Now my eldest is 22 and we have 10 children, but still no water connection.” 

“I know we sound like a broken record for raising this issue all the time, but the water people would probably do the same thing if they didn’t have stable water supply.” 

“I am a farmer and there is no way I can afford a water tank with the money I make.” 

“My family desperately needs a water tank, because we have been storing water using gallons,” Taipeau shared. 

He says water is a daily necessity and not having water supply is challenging.

“We have had to fetch water and when I look at my children, my heart breaks and I don’t know where I can seek assistance,” he said. 

Regarding preparations for Tropical Cyclone Gita, Taipeau said they were informed through social media and the Samoa Observer Facebook page. 

“Our family didn’t know there was going to be a cyclone, I mean the wind was strong, but luckily we read on Samoa Observer’s Facebook posts about the warnings and that’s when we started boarding up our house. 

“The cyclone did a number on our plantation, now we have to start back from square one.” 

“I think the money value of what was destroyed amounts to maybe $5, 000 to $6,000.” 

“I hope the Government will consider giving us farmers’ financial assistance to help us for now until we get back on our feet,” said Taipeau. 

He concluded by thanking Samoa Observer for initiating the Village Voice section of the paper that have assisted families. 

“I read your paper and I am thankful to read of families who have received assistance through the building of homes, to water tanks, food, clothes and many other things I read about.” 

“Hats off to the owners (of Samoa Observer), although this is the first time your newspaper has visited my family, but I am however happy I know our voices will be heard and hopefully someone will lend a hand.”

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