Education system and critical thinkers

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Dear Editor

Re: Critical thinking

Just to be clear though when I say the parochial education system in Samoa will only turn out brainwashed people who cannot think critically I mean this in a general sense. 

Of course there will be a few examples of people with gifted minds that will succeed in spite of this system but in general this system will not produce as many critical thinkers as a secular education would. I think you are one of those people as is that young girl Quenjule. 

P.S. Jeffrey is not. He’s just a P.M. ‘lap dog.’

I only dish out what P.S Jeffrey dishes out. He acts like the P.M. on here, a rude, ignorant, obnoxious name caller, so he gets the same treatment. 

Only P.S Jeffrey and Hollywood get vitriol, all others get respectful disagreement. What comes around goes around and the P.M. should remember that too.

I’m not the reason the P.M. is bringing in the libel law. 

The P.M. is bringing in the libel law because he is afraid of being challenged. 

Also I stand by what I said, P.S Jeffrey has poor critical thinking skills and the education system in Samoa is dismal at best. 

There is something terribly wrong with an education system that has a 75 percent drop out rate. I am also of the opinion that an education system run by churches as it is in Samoa will never turn out anything more than brainwashed people with little ability to think critically. 

On this you and I will just have to agree to disagree but I believe put to a test I would be proven correct. Hopefully you will be at the march on Saturday protecting your customary lands from these people.


Wendy Wonder

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