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By Ulimasao Fata ,

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BETTER ROADS PERSUADES MORE TOURISTS: Olafou Lepanona from Satuimalufilufi.

BETTER ROADS PERSUADES MORE TOURISTS: Olafou Lepanona from Satuimalufilufi. (Photo: Ulimasao Fata)

It is time the government of Samoa live up to their responsibilities as leaders of our country.

Making this statement is Olafou Lepanona from Satuimalufilufi who is frustrated with the poor road condition in his village. 

 “The issue we have here in our village is that our main road is not good, it has been like this for a couple of years now,” the father of four told the Village Voice team yesterday. 

“We have been reporting this issue to the people who fix roads but it was never done properly because when it gets fixed today, after two raining days it will go back to its same condition.”

Mr. Lepanona says their village Women’s committee is responsible for maintaining a clean environment for the purpose of attracting tourists. 

And he believes the relevant authority and his village committee need to work together to upgrade their road because it will not only benefit their village but Samoa as a whole. 

Mr. Lepanona is frustrated because Christmas is just around the corner and it was a time when they receive a lot of tourists.

“Christmas is the time where we have tourists coming to our country and we just don’t want tourists coming over and seeing these road conditions.”

“We have beach fales nearby and few tourists’ accommodations area in our village and they to keep them coming here means fixing our roads.”

 “When our roads are fixed up, tourists will flood our village,” he added. 

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