Children need discipline and hard work

By Fetalai Tuilulu’u and Aruna Lolani ,

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BELIEVES IN DISCIPLINE AND HARD WORK: Tagoaena Samuelu from Fasito’o and Letogo.

BELIEVES IN DISCIPLINE AND HARD WORK: Tagoaena Samuelu from Fasito’o and Letogo. (Photo: Fetalai Tuilulu’u)

Without discipline and hardwork, it is difficult to hold your family together.

That is Tagoaena Samuelu’s view about family.

Mr. Samuelu is a 51 year old father to eight children and he comes from the village of Fasito’o and Letogo.

“I have two sons and six daughters,” he told Village Voice. 

“Some of my kids have their own families now and they have their own houses as well.

“Everything has been divided; the lands and who stays in this house and that house.”

Mr. Samuelu has divided his 10 acres of land amongst all his children. 

“That has been done for my children because it’s better to have now before anything happens; I mean we don’t know what tomorrow brings.”

That is Mr. Samuelu’s gift to his children but the only thing he wants in return from his children, is using their own sweat to work for the sake of their own families.

“I have disciplined my children well and I want them to live life just how I’ve raised them. 

“My eldest, my daughter still has no family neither do the other older ones but the youngest ones have their own families now. I told them that they need to be hardworking and take good care of their families because once they have their own, that is not the parents’ responsibility anymore.

“And you see every couple in my family work on their own to take care of their families because if they don’t work, there’s nothing to eat. Simple as that.

“You work and you earn your own money and nobody will interfere with your business.

“That is how I’ve lived my whole life up to now. 

“Yes, I am still doing work in the plantation at my current age because I’m not used to a lazy life.

“Sure I get tired, but I take a break when I am but the thought of not doing this anymore, that has never crossed my mind because this is too important to me. 

“It has everything; my children’s future especially and being able to share this gift with them now is evidence that I have been right about making my lands an important part of my life.”

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