Prisoners will live better than hard-working Samoans

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Dear Editor

Why is the government spending $20 million on a prison when families are working hard but still struggling to have the basic necessities to life?  

It’s hard enough to have food and running water to bath ourselves and our children and to have electricity.  

Not all houses have water tanks and some families have to get water from a neighbour or somewhere far.  

Why can’t the government wake up and care for us first before building a nice new building for convicted prisoners to enjoy a better quality of life?  

What is that teaching our children?  

That they are not as important as criminals?  

That their health and hygiene isn’t a priority?  

Come on you law-makers, help us get the basics and don’t tax us for our chickens.  Why are we still living like our forefathers in poverty instead of embracing modern technology and progressing and implementing industrialization like the other countries?  

Quit thinking about your own pockets and think of Samoa first!


Shirley Hunt


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