What’s really hurting us

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Dear Editor,


The three common things that are hurting Samoa are fraud, waste and abuse:

(1) Fraud is the use of lies to receive money from government that a person does not deserve to get,

i.e. money received from Government by the use of trickery.

When the government falls asleep on the job then fraud begins to run around and get out of control.

(2) Waste is the careless or extravagant use of government money or resources for wrongful purposes.

(3) Abuse is the deliberate misuse of government money or position.

Ways to prevent fraud,waste and abuse are:

(1) Prevention Systems: Government policies to stop fraud waste and abuse from happening.

(2) Detection Systems: rigorous and regular auditing.

(3) Investigation Systems: Collection of evidence of wrong-doings.

(4) Punishment Systems: zero-tolerance when someone is caught stealing.


Keith Alderson 

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