The reality of gap between rich and poor

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Dear Editor,

I read with sadness about the growing number of people at the Tafaigata dump.

This reality is consistent with countries who have huge gaps between the rich and the poor. 

This is what the UN was saying that is happening in Samoa. 

Living off garbage dumps and child exploitation are two indications that the UN is correct about the rapidly growing gap between the rich and the poor in Samoa. This is not an indication of a growing middle class that the P.M., PS Jeffrey and Hollywood would like us to believe will happen if the P.M. continues on the development path funded by foreign investments and loans that he is going ahead with.

 This is the reality of their agenda. There is no trickle down. Their agenda benefits them and only them. 

The poor live off the wealthy’s garbage. 

I’m sure King Doublespeak Jeffrey will argue that garbage dump scavenging is trickle down economics. They certainly can’t be accused of being lazy.

Wendy Wonder

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