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Re: Saturday S.D.A. 

Church opens 

Branch at Fogapoa

This is good news. The growing number of Adventists returning to true Sabbath keeping is encouraging. 

The Saturday Sabbath keepers have been marginalized by the Church they love for five years because its leadership bowed to a recommendation from Australia to keep Sunday. 

Headlines like this will help their plight. I’m sure the only way anything will change is by publicity like this. 

Even banners waved in front of Ted Wilson, World SDA Church President in April this year, saying “Saturday Sabbath Keepers” didn’t convince him of the irony of their position. 

All Seventh-day Adventists in the world are Saturday Sabbath keepers, except for a few in the Pacific who claim their situation is “unique.” 

How can this be true when the Church claims their prophetic mandate is to take the truth to “every nation, kindred, tongue, and people?” (Rev 14). I don’t read of any “unique” exceptions anywhere in the Bible.

John B.B

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