A tale for your edification

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Dear Editor

Re: Substantial increase in church offerings

I said to My God this morning, The God Who Established Samoa.

My Lord, You know if i don’t go to work, I can’t pay my bills.

The Lord says...

“Go ask The Methodist for that money they collected from the poor.”

the whole $15 and a half milioga, My Lord?

The Lord replies...

“Make it $18 so they can beat EFKS and that building.”

What do you think Methodist?

First, I grew up in Faleula, and I always knew that one day you will pay your rent for all this time you use my Grand Ma’s Land.

Second, Jesus is My Witness.

Third, start backing because King David is Arriving.

Have Faith is all you need to hear me.

don’t worry me

Have a nice time Methodist and don’t forget to pay your rent.

Then i asked My Lord, what if Methodist do a EFKS and reject me.

“Then go to work tomorrow...” The Lord says...

The Prophet From Zion.



Ben Valelei

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