When democracy died in Samoa

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Dear Editor,

Re: Is Samoa still a democracy? What is there for the poor?

Democracy in Samoa ended after the last election. So as decency, respect, tradition, family values, and accountability.

The H.R.P.P systemically tore down the core of our values throughout its history of leading our nation. 

The poor are being displaced and ignored. The rich are getting richer. Others are committing or resulting to crime to survive. The poor are disfranchised from society. Their cry falls on deaf ears of the P.M and his Cabinet.

So-called chiefs are bought and paid for by the government to silence its community. 

They threat to ban people from there land if they vote against the H.R.P.P. The “P.P” in its initials stands for Protection of its own People. 

Anybody who questions its leadership is considered a traitor.



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