We will be lost

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Re: Chaos within individual families

The main target for government is to hinder and destroy the fa’asamoa by destroying the very essence of its soul and foundation and that is The Matai System. 

We lose the matai system we lose the fa’asamoa, we lose the land because of it’s connection to the matai titles. 

The main deed I would say that identifies the boarders of each Samoan village through our history as allocated by the ancestors. 

People should never put a price on customary lands; it’s like giving up your identity for sale. 

When it is bought we will be soul-less, empty and rather hollow beings lost through time and the changes it brings. 

The stories and songs of our ancestors’ bravery and their battles of honour will be lost to ears of the future generations as well. 

In due time it will be nothing but another myth or perhaps a fairytale.


Ben T.

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