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Dear Editor,

Re: The Govt. and debt

Really is that all you got from Ropati’s post? 

I think his point was not whether the money the government receives is a loan or a grant but what they do with it. 

Does it really matter whether it is a loan or a grant if the government continues to be derelict in their responsibility with money they receive the people will struggle with things that make it impossible for them to self sustaining, like the copra disease and African snails. 

You will take every opportunity to spin anything in a way that absolves your heroes from their responsibility to the people, that supposedly, according to you, are elected by 99 percent of the Samoan people! 

Ropati’s point was that if the government continues to rely on remittances instead of creating job opportunities for the youth, you will get what we have, a bunch of entitled youth with no job opportunities. 

If you could get your head out of the sand for a change you may have been able to see what Ropati V. was actually saying. Grant or loan? 

Who cares, if you remain a dependent country because of government greed and failure to invest in its people, then you remain a dependent country.


Wendy Wonder 

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