In defense of the Police

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Dear Editor,

Re: Lawyer accuses Police of abuse of power 

This article clearly shows why Unasa was and is a terrible lawyer. 

She obviously has no understanding of the law, and likes to spout off incorrect information to get members of the public outraged. 

Police have a common law power to approach anybody’s residence to make enquiries, which they were obviously doing in this case, and if in fresh pursuit of an offender have the right to enter onto the land to arrest them. 

For Unasa to state that a breach of protection order is not a serious offence is a slap in the face to all women out there that have been subject to domestic violence, and to publicly state that she wanted to hide her brother in her “law” office so Police could not apprehend him, surely that must be and offence of obstruction of a Police officer or similar. 

Eddie Anderson 

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