Sunday worship in Samoa

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Dear Editor,


Palusalue, how about expanding your knowledge further than the boundaries of your your village? 

State and religion together is dangerous as evidenced by history. Sunday legislated by law? Umm not a smart move and shows how ill informed you are. 

Worship is a matter of conscience and no law should legislate what when where how one should worship. Freedom of worship should not be legislated. 

Parliament should never be used as a tool of Rome. Palusalue, Sunday is not Samoa’s day of worship, it is Rome’s ordained day of worship, and not all Samoans worship on Sunday’s. Samoa worshipped Tagaloa-a-Lagi before Sunday was introduced by foreigners. Leave religion out of politics. 

If you want evidence, look at state legislated religions of the world and countries that practice them. Public floggings, cut off the hand that steals, stoning, blaming women for being raped, etc. 

That’s barbaric not from God, so find better financial ways to improve the village and leave religion out of politics. 

Your views have now turned me off from the Tautua Party.



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