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Re: Police Commissioner 

Here we go – I have written numerous threads about the case against Police Commissioner Egon Keil and said that he was innocent. I accused the govt and the people involved of wasting taxpayers money. When I first read about this case, it was obvious from the start it was personal – tit for tat.

The people who charged the Police Commissioner should be sacked on the spot and PC Keil should be reinstated back to his job, effective immediately. Just because PC Keil is innocent in a criminal matter that doesn’t mean he’s immune from a civil law suit and that’s a different matter all together.

I warned PC Egon to watch his back – this time around, he better watch it seriously and make sure his senior officers and himself are doing the right thing by the people. The people are watching them all closely.

It’s a hard job for a Police Commissioner to clean up corruption in the Police force.


Mebahel Raguel

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