Indonesia and other evil regimes

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Dear Editor,

Re: West Papua issue in Samoa 

In no way when I criticize Indonesia am I letting off other imperialist brutal slave owning nations. Don’t forget what the British did in Canada or the Chinese have done all in the name of imperialism, capitalism, the raping of resources of indigenous people. 

Having said that Indonesia is right up there with all the other brutal evil regimes at times have been the worst. That’s the truth historically. 

Your Indonesian leaders are often even more corrupt when it comes to stealing money from their own people and fumbling it out in off shore accounts. 

That is also a fact. I live in Canada and we protest the dealings some of our less that stellar governments for doing business with some Indonesian business people. Anyway that’s my opinion but I do agree that those other countries have blood on their hands too when it comes to indigenous people and their lands. Many Canadian mining companies bosses should be put to death for what they do to indigenous people in Africa.

Also one other thing. How is colonization by any country over another country in any way shape or form in any time period a noble thing? 

No matter when, why and where it is wrong. If it is wrong then everything that follows after that on colonized people by the colonizers is wrong and they should get out wherever they still are and stop enslaving people in their own lands for their own profit. That’s it.


Wendy Wonder 

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