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Dear Editor

Re: Now that the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. are friends, perhaps it’s time to deal with North Korea?

It was good to see both leaders strike some sort of rapport.

They worked out a Syrian ceasefire and answered questions on Russian interference in US elections etc.

While Trump is again blamed for selling out , my impression is that he’s saying let’s move forward to solve problems we can do.

Trump attitude seems to be, I trust Putin until Putin proves himself untrustworthy. Seems to be his way of dealing with leaders hes met first time. (driving policy people in Washington crazy I guess) He’s a billionaire so it must be a good way of doing ‘business’.

The U.S. U.N. envoy Haley just made a public call that Russia cannot be trusted.......interesting.

On North Korea, seems the assumption is a military option. Trump seems to favour an economic solution that shall force China to apply her influence. Xi did not keep his word of leaning on North Korea (Mar Lago meet) as data showed trade between North Korea and China went up nearly 40% this first quarter.

China has a trade imbalance in their favor with the U.S. of US$300 billions. With Trump bringing Putin alongside, the chance of ‘hot solution’ for young Kim will be the very last of option.

An interesting side if a ‘hot solution’ is implemented and the missiles flies. As you highlighted, nations around the Pacific will be affected. If nuclear missiles are taken out overhead, will we be engulfed in radioactive ‘fire and brimstone’ fallout??

(ps: above are observations culled from mainstream and alternate media sources. My twopenny inspired by editorial)



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