A mothers’ happiness for new life in a new place

By Aruna Lolani and Fetalai Tuilulu’u ,

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Ready for a fresh start: Fia Vineula’s new home at Nofoali’i uta.

Life in rural villages is not about just living, it comes with opportunities for family development.

Fia Vineula of Nofoali’i uta and Faleasi’u says she has seen many.

It has been a week since the 39-year-old and her family moved to where they are now from the inner village.

“We’ve been here for a week, working on clearing out the rubbish and all the mess,” she tells the Village Voice.

“Now that I’m here, tasting the work life here in the forest, I honestly prefer living this way.

“You find plenty of opportunities here to develop your family and you find work in the lands to do to keep yourself occupied.

“You know when we were in the inner village; all I face every day is the road and people going to work.

“But now I can work in the plantation to plant vegetables and ta’amu.

WORKING TO DEVELOP FAMILY: Fia Vineula from Faleasiu and Nofoali’i.
WORKING TO DEVELOP FAMILY: Fia Vineula from Faleasiu and Nofoali’i.

“Another good thing is you can find a variety of food from the plantation and everywhere else from the lands.

“It’s so peaceful here and I enjoy the fresh air, and everybody knows there’s nothing better than the fresh air from nature.

“We are also waiting on moving everything that we’ve used to build our old home; the woods and all that, one by one to build our home here. 

“We don’t have water and electricity yet but we have already requested for both things to be set up so it’s happening soon but despite that, life here is better for me and I prefer this way of living.”

Fia said her husband works as a driver at Faleolo Airport but the money he gets is never enough.

“We know we have a lot of things to budget money on and we can’t do that and try to save money at the same time to do the things we need to develop for our family but that’s why I’m thankful we’re here because now we see the plantation and many other things here as opportunities for success. 

 “So when we succeed in this, then my husband and I are going to focus on this for the future.”

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