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HOME: The Friendship Stack.

HOME: The Friendship Stack.

The popular Home Cafe at Malifa is one of 15 restaurants taking part in the New Zealand/ Samoa Friendship Week Restaurant Challenge.

The contest, which has been going for a week, is looking for that special dish that fuses Samoan and New Zealand ingredients for a taste sensation that combines the best of both worlds.

The Home Café’s entry is called the “Friendship Stack,” created by the Chef and Owner, Horace Evans. The dish featured a mixture of local and New Zealand ingredients including palusami.

Dayshift Manager Will Iopu said Home Café is excited about the opportunity to be part of the Challenge.

 “This is a good challenge because a lot of the local businesses and the owners are all good friends so it’s a good and healthy competition,” he said. “It’s good to keep each business creative and helps everyone learn something new every day.”

Mr. Iopu said the dish is available on their menu this week.

“Our focus is to give our customers something different and something unique,” he said. “It’s all about customer satisfaction and what we can do to make things a bit more interesting.

“This Challenge is excellent.”

If you want to have a taste of the new dish at Home Cafe, visit them or call 845-2449.

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