Congratulations Dr. Siaosi!

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Dear Editor, 

I crave space to offer my heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Maluapapa Siaosi Senara on her fine achievements. The young doctor has, so to speak, killed two birds in one stone. 

Last Saturday she married the love of her life while a few days before, she registered as a member of the local medical fraternity after she graduated with a medical degree. 

For the fine young woman to succeed in her noble endeavours is something that is worth writing about in the newspapers, especially if she’s someone who has her roots in my village. 

Dr. Maluapapa belongs to the Sa Afematā family, one of the two families which occupy the top rank in the village hierarchy, the other being the Sa Taoā family. 

The doctor is closely related to the veteran politician, Afioga Palusalue Faapo II. 

The hope is for the young people of the village to try and emulate Maluapapa’s noble successes. It is also about time for the Afemata clan to honour one of their own with a chiefly title. That way, the bond between the young, intelligent doctor, the Afemata clan and the village, is maintained and strengthened. Fai aku ai foi, ae lē fa’atonua e le matapia le manaia. 

Congratulations Papa and God Bless!

Ou māmā na. Manuia le aiga fou. 

Alofa atu. 

Maiava A. Mamoe


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