About the nurses complaint

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Dear Editor,

It is sad that the Nurses Association president is complaining about what the S.V.S.G is doing. 

She says that “Care Giver” is a profession itself. Fine. If that’s the case, then why don’t the Nurses Association go around in every family in Samoa and teach people how to take care of their elders, people with disabilities and kids? 

The Nurses Association president is sitting on her butt doing nothing and criticizing people who are truly trying to help the people of Samoa. 

Please Mrs. Faamanatu Nielsen, faamama lou loto ma taumafai e fesoasoani. Maybe the S.V.S.G is doing this because the nurses are not doing their jobs or because the nurses can’t handle the volume of work for the whole country of Samoa.


F.B Tiger

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