Floodwaters force family to leave

By Joyetter Luamanu ,

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FLOODED AND DAMAGED: The damage caused by Cyclone Gita during the weekend.

FLOODED AND DAMAGED: The damage caused by Cyclone Gita during the weekend.

A family of eight had to leave their home to seek shelter elsewhere after floodwaters entered their home early on Saturday morning.  

This is according to Ne’emia Malele, who was still at their home in Lelata, looking after his family’s belongings. 

“This is nothing new to us, experiencing flood where we live, but I guess my family has had to evacuate due to the cyclone,” he said.

“The Police were very helpful that early Saturday morning, we called them for help to take my mom and siblings to the evacuation sites and they came to our aid. 

“My mother was so thankful for their assistance.

“As you can see our house is built quite high because of flooding in our area, but because of the cyclone we have had to evacuate to another place.” 

According to Malelele, he and his sister stayed behind to watch over their house because they were unable to fit in the Police vehicle. 

My concern about this is that the Government should have built the wall after Cyclone Evan in 2012. 

“If they did what they said they were going to do, build that wall, this would not have been that bad. 

“If they had spent the millions on the wall already, it would have saved millions in damages now. 

“A great investment if it had been done earlier, too late now, but maybe good for next disaster,” said Malele. 

He said luckily their family contacted the Police who came and took his mother and other siblings.

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