Enough is enough, Samoa!

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Dear Editor,

Re: Cyclone Gita and Samoa 

A category 2 brought about flooding throughout the Apia area. 

With photos and videos posted on social media it’s safe to say nothing absolutely nothing has changed since the last flooding that prompted that wall to be built behind Sheraton Aggies Hotel.

From the photos we’ve seen, this wall didn’t do anything to help keep that water from flooding the Sheraton again.

Samoa ea, what will it take for you to get your act together and say enough is enough, another repeat of 2009? 

With the debt up your ying-yang the basic underlying fundamental of your infrastructure is nowhere to be found. 

This is now the norm in Samoa yet it shouldn’t be. 

The installation of your roads, bridges, drainage, sewage, schools etc all ties into your economy yet Apia and the town area, businesses and residential areas alike suffer through this every time a cyclone hits Samoa. 

Your government has buildings popping up yet your drainage system takes a hit every single cyclone. The levee breaks at the Vaisigano river and floods the land behind it, that wall is a joke.

No one can help you but yourself; no one is to blame but yourself. 

Get rid of this government, they have been nothing but a joke, led by a condescending egotistical bully. 

Samoa, one man cannot hold all the power, is not indispensable and should not hold you hostage. 

This government has crippled you and your ability to hold on to what’s been yours since your Independence, your freedom and right to clean election.



Stella Moors Sherman

Boston Ma

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