It just doesn’t make any sense

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Dear Editor,

Re: What the government has done

These are just law changes and government restructuring.

All this for $2Billion Dollars!!!

Samoans have not got a good deal from the P.M. and his H.R.P.P.

Now can anyone answer me:

• How many government employees are there in Samoa?

• How many government cars are there in Samoa? 

• How many government air-conditioned offices are there in Samoa? 

• Are they all necessary? 

• Is it sustainable to up-keep all this?

“More flights come into Samoa” - let’s wait and see.

Upgrading an airport for $140million does not attract more flights.

It’s the stupidest logic in the world. 

So why not build three airports - then we will have so many flights.

It is supposed to be the other way around.

Create more flights then improve/enlarge the airport.

The only reason why the government projects are getting larger and larger is because the government needs to “make” more money to pay the interest on the debt and on top of that -- pay all of the government workers and the upkeep of government resources (air-conditioned offices and cars).


Keith Alderson

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