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Re: Development and elections

You are correct Keith. The Samoan quasi-parliamentary voting system is a mockery and is completely wrong.

No parliamentary system has a leader in place that is not voted in by a single person. 

While PS Jeffrey is correct in the fact that for an intern when there is a resignation that the leader is chosen by the party to sit temporarily until a general election can be called to replace a leader who has resigned. The key word is temporary. 

PS Jeffrey is incorrect that a leader in a parliamentary system can sit in the house without actually winning their seat fair and square. 

If a pre chosen leader of a party does not win their seat an interm leader is chosen from the members of the winning party until the intended leader of the party can run in a safe by election and actually win their seat before they can’t assume power. 

The way the Samoan system is run is nothing less than corruption, and election fraud which as you do correctly stated puts a person at the helm without actually getting a single vote. Ludicrous.

Wendy Wonder

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