Great work M.A.F and F.A.O.

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Re: Long road leads fisheries consultant back to Samoa

Congratulations to M.A.F, F.A.O and Mr. King. 

I see villages with their blocks of their lagoons earmarked as reserves. 

Excellent example is the Savaia effort. 

Haven’t heard for a while from the tilapia crowd how their efforts and sales are going. One concern with fishing aggregating devices (fads), now that M.A.F is installing them again around the islands, is that it doesn’t go the way of previous FADs. 

That is foreign fishing boats were fishing the devices on Sundays when no local fishermen are around. They eventually stuck transmitters on the FADs and cut them loose and keep returning to it as it drifts and attracts more fish. 

It was a lucrative practice then. 

Nafanua gunboat was not around then but with the Nafanua given the OK by PM to have target practice with the waves, blowing these thieves out of the water will be a good alternative.



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