He is hurting his own character

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Dear Editor,

Interesting reading the comments from Stui about the murderers and character assassination.

But let me say this. The government corruption kills more people than so-called “character assassination.” 

We also have facts, which implicate the government in corrupt practices eg, O.P.C. Report 2010.

It was comprehensive; it documents integrity violations in government departments. Tuilaepa would have seen the report but he forgave all the perpetrators. His actions was a blatant attempt to deny justice and due diligence. It’s downright undemocratic.

Let’s not mention his horrible appearances on world media when he blamed Angie Jackson when she was raped by Tualima.

How about the tsunami interview with John Campbell, I’m not going to even mention our beloved Manu Samoa and S.R.U.

It’s messy, isn’t it? 

But this is just the tip of the berg, this Christian leader who loves himself so much he can’t even see that he is the one assassinating his own character.


Le Mafa P.

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