The truth

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Re: Political correctness gone mad   

Mr. Editor, the truth is never easy to take, it hurts, and bearer of truth will never be popular, they’ll be hated and called names, all because their accusers are angry and offended. Politically correctness is opposite of truth.  

Whatever gender you were born with, that’s you, many young people served in the military came back with missing limps, some don’t have legs to stand on, a blind eye, or crippled, their appearance may have changed, but they are still the same people. 

Its the same with gender twister, I mean changer, you may cut off the hanging fruit and stick on a budded flower but still the same person.

And HE should never be allowed to compete as female because HE is a male having a faulty repaired work, whoever the mechanic that repair this man’s body should be sue for faulty repaired work having installed the wrong part.

And whoever the seamstress who did the sewing should be sue for replacing fine linen with sackcloth.



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