Asomua Asia Stanley steps up for role of high chief

By Joyetter Luamanu ,

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THE CHIEF: Asomua Anastasia Stanley of Sinamoga.

THE CHIEF: Asomua Anastasia Stanley of Sinamoga.

Samoa Stationery and Books Marketing Manager, Anastasia Alosio Stanley, did not expect to become a matai.

At the tender age of 24, Stanley had other things on his mind.

But his destiny awaited.

Last month, Stanley was among the 333 title holders bestowed the High Talking Chief title, Asomua, during a grand ceremony in Iva, Savai’i.

The youngest of 16 siblings, Asomua Anastasia comes from a close knit family where love, respect and humility are the center of everything they do. 

“I have older siblings and so when I was asked to take on the title, I was reluctant at first,” Asomua Stanley said. 

“I am the baby of the family, I have older siblings and I wanted them to take on the title and maybe later on in life I will have my chance, but my eldest brother, Tofilau Stanley, insisted. 

“To be honest, I have so much respect for my older siblings and that is why it was hard to accept it at first. 

“I was a bit emotional at first, given that my older brother and siblings have considered me as a Chief in my family,” said Asomua. 

Asomua Anastasia is one of the pillars of the Samoa Fa’afafine Association. 

Among the talents Asomua Anastasia possesses is oratory. Asomua has been behind the podium for majority of S.F.A.’s events. 

Stanley was also the producer for Samoa’s First Fa’afafine’s Got Talent program last year. 

“Multitasking comes in handy for so many things and it pays tribute to both the male and female genes I possess and having those qualities and using it to my advantage in everything I do,” said Asomua Anastasia. 

Asked about the challenges of being a Fa’afafine Chief in the village, Asomua Anastasia noted the way things turned out has nothing to do with him. 

“Being a fa’afafine is not all about high heels, glitters and bringing sexy back in our daily lives, we do have responsibilities in our families, churches, villages and our careers. 

“And it goes back to the double genetics that we have where we can be the best of both worlds in everything that we do,” said Asomua Anastasia. 

An extraordinaire in everything he does, Asomua Anastasia is ecstatic to fork up in terms of his service into his family as a High Talking Chief. 

Lenapule Arthur Paul and Akenese Merita Stanley are Asomua Anastasia’s parents. 

“Being bestowed the title, while it has responsibilities it also takes me back to my roots to Iva where my grandfather, Tofilau Robert Stanley, served for many moons. 

“We are now carrying on our legacy and I will be the Orator for my first cousin, Tofilau Fiti Leung Wai, not only in work, but also in our family and village,” said Asomua Anastasia.

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