Sins of the past

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Dear Editor,

Long time ago in this newspaper, I read the story of young kids who had been molested and indecently assaulted by a young man who his age is beyond what we expected he would not do this kind of shameful act. 

Our society is not safe anymore. Uncles, cousins, friends or even real dads or step dads are not to be trusted anymore around our children. The sins of the past that had been swept under the mat and forbidden from the public is now a plaque to our society.

The teacher who did this Godless act is either the victim from his own society nor maligned from his own way of upbringing. He is not fit to be around young children. Someone in his society should have step up to tell the story about him before becoming a teacher. Someone out there could have seen his dark side. He should be jailed for more than twenty years. He would do this again again and again.

Every week in this newspaper is story about, indecent assault, molestation, child abuse, rape or sexual harassment. This would be an ongoing issue week by week. Believe me there are heaps of grown up pedophiles in villages and they are ready to attack our vulnerable children. This would never end.



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