Why there is irresponsibility in government

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Dear Editor,

Re: Tuilaepa: Govt. is more than able to repay debts

Foreign donors should rethink the way they’re pouring millions of dollars to the corrupt government of Samoa.

These acts of humanity which are done in good faith are partly the reason why there is so much irresponsibility in the government.

While government is busy building white elephants and mismanage funds and paying off foreign debts.

Foreign donors are basically filling the void in the economy which the government created in their rush to pay foreign debts which have bore no benefits whatsoever to the economy or improve living standards.

Children overseas should start asking questions as well about how their relatives at home are looking after themselves.

They keep voting in irresponsible people to the government, and then they turn to families overseas for help.

It’s time to make a stand people and put these madmen under scrutiny so that the future generations shouldn’t suffer the consequences of irresponsible decisions made by leaders of this generation.



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