Couple finds perfect escape

By Nefertiti Matatia and Anina Kazaz ,

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David and his wife Iryna Rust from Auckland, New Zealand, enjoy their last day in the Taumeasina Island Resort.

David and his wife Iryna Rust from Auckland, New Zealand, enjoy their last day in the Taumeasina Island Resort. (Photo: Anina Kazaz)

David and Iryna Rust chose Samoa to escape the busy city life. 

Coming from a place like Auckland, New Zealand, where life can be really stressful most times, they have found Samoa to be the perfect escape.

The couple agreed that working fulltime is not easy, even during the weekends they still think about work.

“We are here just for a holiday to get away from the busy life in Auckland. It is crazy there and this is our first time here. Not worrying about our phones and checking messages or the internet is very relaxing,” David said.

Iryna added: “For us, this trip is just to get away from everything.”

David spoke about the difference between Samoa and New Zealand.

“Back home there are so many shops and people are just busy and there is just so much traffic.

“Of course it is so much hotter here, it is just totally laid back and everyone enjoys life.

“We did not know anything about the Taumeasina Island Resort and it was way better than what we had expected. 

“We thought the weather was not going to be very good. When we were checking the weather forecast, we thought it was going to rain, but it is fine, rain just fell for about 10 minutes.” 

Exploring Samoa’s crystal blue ocean, seeing the To Sua Ocean Trench and the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum have been the best part of their trip.

“Snorkelling and kayaking were really good. We have been to To Sua, which was amazing. We tried going to Lalomanu beach but it was closed because of the cyclone. We went to the museum instead.”

The friendliness of the Samoan people is the main reason they promise to return with their children.

“Everyone has been so friendly. They all wanted to help us; they wanted to know where we are from. We felt they were happy to have us here. We saw the Prime Minister of New Zealand here in the resort, which was pretty cool. Auckland has a big population compared to Samoa, and it is good to experience a new culture. 

 “It is so relaxing and we want to see more of the islands. Maybe go to Savai’i and see some turtles, so there are a few things we want to do before we leave.”

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