Instead of complaining, do something useful

By Seia Soloi ,

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MY JOB: Epi Enele at her stall at Faleula.

MY JOB: Epi Enele at her stall at Faleula. (Photo: Sei’a Soloi)

People have different views on the cost of living and ways of dealing with it.

For Epi Enele, 58, from Faleula, her response is to work hard, planting and selling vegetables.

She lives with her brother and they try their best to cope.

“As for our family, there are only two of us,” she said. “My brother works as a taxi driver while I stay home to sell vegetables.

“This is what we make for a living.”

And it works, she said.

“We all know about the high cost of living but not all supermarkets in Samoa have expensive goods. There are some that sell cheap chicken legs for $1.80 or $1.90 which is something we can afford.”

Epi said her and her brother don’t really depend on money because they have a plantation and vegetables for food every day.

“We only need money when it comes to family faalavelave because those are the expensive ones today, but we survive on our plantation.

“With our water and electricity bills, it’s not that much to pay because there are not many people, just the two of us.”

Epi believes the answer to the cost of living is to work even harder.

 “It’s a must for the cost of living to increase because life moves on, life can’t go back,” she sai.

“Living in a family with only two members doesn’t mean it’s easy. But we know we have to work harder to make it.”

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