Blind as a bat

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Re: P.M. Tuilaepa is a dictator  

The monotaga rule should not be allowed to exist. 

This is nothing more than a tool to manipulate and rig the election in their favour by abusing the rule just before Election Day. 

The people should decide who is the best person to represent them not the P.M. and the deputy P.M. by abusing a law to their advantage. 

If the people decide the person running in their district has not given back to their village they should decide with their votes. This is a rule put in place for the P.M., the Deputy P.M. and others who abuse the rules for their own ways to hang on to power at all costs. If you cannot see the corruption and abuse that this rule has allowed the ruling party to use, you are just blind as a bat.


Wendy Wonder 

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